Crazy about….

Spring/Frühling. Ich will endlich Frühling, okay es ist noch nicht so weit, dann schaffe ich ihn mir selbst. Created by hand;)


29 Gedanken zu “Crazy about….

  1. I’m crazy about this arch (and Fruhling too 😉 Your colors and stamping made me say ahhhhh when I saw it. Love the white highlights on your swirls, it really makes them pop!

  2. Your piece is so elegant…I love it! I’m also assuming that you used black glitter at the top of your arch…gives me chills, really I could look at this all day…

  3. Oh, your arch is beautiful. I like it very much.

    I’m making the rounds and saying „hello“ to my fellow OWOH bloggers. It’s interesting and fun to stop and visit now that the OWOH bloggathon has past and we are no longer rushing to see everything. I am amazed at the talent in this group.

    I am also inviting you to stop by my blog and play my weekly Cookie’s Treasure Hunt.
    This week the prize is a collage I created titled „Arizona Angel“. I hope you will visit.

    Wishing you a delightful day.


  4. Crazy about Spring… das Werk steht ebenfalls auf meiner To-Do-Liste 🙂 Morgen ist auch noch ein Tag. Dein Bogen gefällt mir mal wieder ausgesprochen gut. Tolle Farbwahl und die Buttonfairy ist super intergriert.

  5. WOW can hardly find words to say how beautiful I find this one! Colours, stamps, accents everything is just perfect!

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