Direkt mal eben zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe geschlagen. Die Spinnenfrau ist für MWS und die Tür für Three Muses


24 Gedanken zu “Spider/Doors

  1. I thought this was all dreamy and beautiful …. then I saw the spiders!!! Yikes! It’s still beautiful, and meticulously done (as is all your work), but I’m not feeling it’s so dreamy anymore! Just a tad eerie and mysterious. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  2. Perfectly beautifully creepy! What a great mix, because she is so pretty and the background is so spooky!!! Great card!

  3. This is beautiful! To some, spiders are considered to be lucky. I love it when a spider weaves a web between my house and the clothesline.

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